jazzabelle's money diaries #1

Oh hey! I've been thinking about chatting more about money on my blog for a while, so... Introducing Jazzabelle's Money Diaries, where every month (or so) I'll be sharing my money wins, goals, saving/budgeting tips, and just a general update of where I am financially.

This month I thought I'd share some of my small money wins from February. Sometimes I spend too much time focusing on my big saving goal, that I forget about all the little things in between that help me get there...

🌿 I received £23.54 of Quidco cashback this month! Plus, I'm still awaiting on £51.52 from some large purchases for my flat - what's not to love about 'free' money!? I overspent a little this month (too many Ubers...) and had to dip into my savings, so this money will help me 'pay myself back'.

🌿Claimed on my Barclaycard Rewards and turned my points into a £20 M&S voucher and £25 Amazon gift card! I spent the M&S voucher today on food for the weekend and dinners next week, and I'll use my Amazon voucher to buy household essentials and a new book or two!

🌿My friend Fran and I went halves on Disney Plus UK early bird offer (£49.99 instead of £59.99), meaning we're both only paying £25 each for the year, rather than £60 each! You can have four profiles on Disney Plus, so if you can split with a friend, I highly recommend.

🌿I bought a new Primark dress! Now, that doesn't sound like a money win, but hear me out... I now have this dress in three colourways, and the two I have I wear at least once a week. So with this third dress added to the mix, I now have three easy outfits sorted every week - they fit like a dream, make me feel great, and wash so well, and with a price tag of only £15, my cost per wear is set to be tiny! I'll try and keep track of how many times I wear them all in March so I can update you in my next money diaries.

Have you had any money wins (big or small!) this month? 
Please do share your own money wins in the comments! 
Love, Jazz x


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