my most worn clothes (so far) this year

Whilst over the years I've moved on from charity shops and car boot sales to shopping on the high street and online (ASOS, Topshop & Whistles are my go-to brands), I'm always very conscious about what I spend my money on, and how much I spend. 

I'm all about saving saving saving at the mo', so it takes a lot for me to part with my money, especially on clothes. I don't get that much satisfaction from clothes shopping (unless it's for the William Morris X H&M collection, of course!), as it's such a pain to find things that fit me how I want to, or that I feel suits my body shape, I have to rule out loads of styles as I get super sweaty (tight jumpers and grey tees are a no-go!), and as clothes in general are usually pricey, I'd rather see my savings building up than another outfit on my rail. 

This means I do tend to wear the same things over and over again. I currently have two pairs of jeans, a blouse, two dresses and a cardigan on rotation, but I don't mind. We are so inundated with newness all the time - so I thought I'd share what I've been repeat wearing, and how much value for money I've got out of them so far...

H&M coat | £79.99 | Bought in the recent Black Friday sales
I'd been dreaming of a winter coat like this for quite some time - grey, 'grown up', smart, mid-length, tie waist, big pockets - so I was more than happy to drop eighty quid on this, as I knew I'd get the wear out of it. It goes with everything in my wardrobe, makes me feel good and look put together. It's started to go a little fluffy on the edges and arms, which is a little a annoying as I've just had it for over two months, but, I reckon it will last me this winter and next, if I look after it a little bit better. 

Topshop leather boots | £79 | Bought December '16
These boots were initially a bloody nightmare. Literally. The first time I wore them, some faulty stitching cut the back of my leg. But, I loved them so much (and knowing how hard it is to find boots that fit my little size 3 feet!), I wasn't willing to return them. I raised the issue with Topshop and fixed the problem by attaching a thin piece of black felt to inside of the boots - Topshop went on to offer me 20% refund and a £25 gift card as an apology - so these boots only really cost me around £40! I go through phases of wearing these, usually once I'm in the office or for a nice meal out, as they are a little high to wear all day, every day. They have lasted me pretty darn well, and I haven't needed to reheel them (yet!). I'm currently looking for an every day pair of black boots - all suggestions welcome...

Asos jeans | £14 | Bought beginning of January
Most of autumn and winter I'd been wearing the same pair of Next skinny jeans, but fancied something a little looser with more room to breathe. I'm nearly at the stage where I'm ready to invest in more expensive, long-wearing jeans, but for now a quick browse on ASOS pulled up this pair in the sale. Love the fit on my waist, love the cut. Don't mind the ripped knees, even though I've busted through them... They wash really well, too. 

Primark Scarf | £6 (I think!) | Bought beginning of January
I'm lovin' leopard print at the moment, but didn't really want to invest in a shirt or dress (as I have just recently bought a tiger print dress that I've been getting a LOT of wear out of), so this was a cheap compromise. 

New Look bag | Gift from my friend in December
Most of last year I'd been alternating between my two Whistles bags. The downside is, they are both quite small and I tend to overfill them, but this bag is the perfect size! It can fit all my every day essentials and more - the strap is great for wearing cross body and the handles are perfect for hanging on my arm. I've literally used this bag every day since I got it - thanks, Shana-Kaye!

I suddenly feel rather inspired to shoot content and blog a little more. So watch this space!
Love, Jazz x

Photos by Ghenet.

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