january goals

Hello and happy new year!

It's been so lovely to look back on 2017 over the last couple of weeks - I've had so many highs, sprinkled with a few lows, but overall I'm feeling pretty happy, content, excited and a little nervous going into 2018. I tend to write my resolutions around my birthday, but I thought a few small goals to achieve this month would be a good way to set me up to have a strong start this year...

1. Be confident
I can be quite self-deprecating and doubt my ability at times, so this is the year I stop putting myself down and own my achievements, strengths and knowledge. I'm starting a new job tomorrow, so what better time to put this into practice - wish me luck!

2. Exercise three times a week
I have tried SO many times to get into regular exercise, but the novelty soon wears off. I'd be setting myself up for failure if I tried to exercise every day - but exercising three times a week for half an hour each time is certainly achievable. Small steps! 

3. Read five books this month 
The two books pictured are first on my list - I'll be leaving more books on my bedside table to encourage me to read more before bed, rather than spending time on my phone. If you have any recommendations for motivational books or light-hearted fiction, let me know!

4. Meal prep when possible
Whilst I can't imagine prepping a week's worth of food in one go, I'd love to get into the habit of making larger dishes to last me for a couple of meals, to help eliminate the faff of cooking dinner daily and grabbing something unhealthy on my lunch break. I definitely haven't been eating as well as I should recently, so hopefully this will get me on the right track.

5. Stress less
Because nothing is ever as bad as it seems. The energy I spend worrying and getting myself all worked up could definitely be spent on something productive.

What are your goals this month?

Jazz xx

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