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burgundy & black.

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Jumper, courtesy of Urban Outfitters - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Topshop skirt, gift - Shoes, charity shop, £3
Why, hello there! The last week has been pretty darn lovely to say the least - I spent a few days in Bournemouth with my family, have been spending time relaxing at home with my mum, plus on Wednesday I attended the Cosmo Blog Awards! I'm afraid I probably won't be posting about the awards due to my lack of photographs (though you can see some here, along with some videos of us after a few cocktails!), but it was ever so lovely to spend some time with my blogger friends and meet some new ones too. Thank-you so much for nominating and voting for me, I still can't believe that I made the shortlist! It means so much to me that you  like my little blog, thank-you! I'm so proud of my blog and everything I have achieved from it, and I really appreciate all of the comments and emails I receive. I'm so very humbled. Love, Jazzabelle.

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