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Yesterday my family and I had the most wonderful day, we had a little gathering at my uncle's house in Kent, which was lovely. There was plenty of food, sun and laughter, and at the end of the day my uncle got out his old projector so we looked through a load of old family photographs. It was embarrassing but nostalgic for everybody, many of the pictures were just so embarrassing, hehe! Some of us then drove back to London, whilst the sun was setting, the views were just beautiful. Whilst in Kent me and my cousins went for a walk to the local park, so here are few of the many snaps I took, and of course a sneaky outfit post! My outfit is nothing special, you've probably seen everything before. I ended up cutting the bargain H&M tee into a vest, I was a rather bored with how it was. So, I arrived in Bournemouth this afternoon, and shall be here for the next week, so be prepared for many posts! I'm going charity shopping with my auntie tomorrow, wish me luck on my finds! There are some amazing charity shops down here. Oh yes, my poll ended yesterday with Autumn taking the lead and Spring following close behind, my two favourite seasons for dressing! Once again, I'm late replying to many of my comments, so sorry! EDIT: Little Rachael Vintage had featured me on her blog as one of her favourite bloggers, thank-you so much Rachael! Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. Yay for Kent! That's my place of residence at the moment. I'm glad you had a good time here, it is rather pretty in the nice places! :]
    Oo and I like what you've done to the tee, kinda shabby chic. Suits you love :]

  2. i agree with the yay for kent too!
    i am a university of kent student
    your outfit looks fabulous
    and it sounds like such an adorable day
    belle xx

  3. Love the floral snaps, so pretty! Great work on the vest, that's exactly what I'd have done.
    Good luck with your charity shop finds, seaside chazza shops are usually full of hidden gems.
    Have fun and fingers crossed for more glorious sunshine.

  4. gorgeous, i love your hat! loves x

  5. I love the pictures you took and your outfit is really cute:) Ha, I love looking back at old family photo's. Hm, I might steal your blog award idea because pictures just take up too much space hope that's ok m'love even thought I only have one at the mo, oh well x

  6. aww, you look awesome. that hat is so cute.


  7. Sounds like a perfect day. xx

  8. Your photos are always so wonderful. I forget what kind of flowers those are but I adore them. And you look wonderful as usual! x

  9. Jazzabelle, you are SO beautiful. Seriously.

    I've just featured you on my blog as one of my favourite bloggers! :)

    Check it out:

    Little Rachael Vintage

  10. I love to spend time with my family. It's always a pleasure to have lunch together when my mom is cooking delicious dishes. And always remembering funny moments from our childhood. And we have pleny of emarrasing ones.

    It's a great summer outfit! Love it!

  11. Lovely flowers! That's a really well-taken photo.

  12. The photographs look so enchanting and what a lovely day. You really do have such a wonderful family. :)xx

  13. Great decision with the tee- you look gorge! Loving that hat too missy.


  14. your photos are always so lovely :) the vest looks really cool, i wanna try that as well!

  15. I'm jealous that tank turned out really well. I never have any luck cutting t shirts into tank tops. Looks like you had a great time!


  16. nice effortless, undeniable cool factor ya got there.

    my undeniable awkward demeanor is still intact....but yeah wouldn't have stumbled upon your blog if not for littlerachael's post!


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