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Today is the hottest day of the year, and my god I felt it, so obviously a Starbucks Cafe Creme Frappuccino was in order, hehe. I debuted my new, well old, tie dye maxi dress I recently picked up in my favourite charity shop for just three pounds. I lusted after it for weeks, but I decided against buying it as I didn't think it would suit me, but I eventually gave in. Isn't is lovely? And bang on trend, if I say so myself, hahaa. It's a tad short for me, so it looks a little weird if I wear it loose, so I teamed it with my fifty pence charity shop belt. I also wore my Primark brogues, Asos lace socks, and my free car boot handbag. I would have love to have worn a few accessories, but I am just so useless at accessorizing! Any tips you may have of what I could add to this outfit for next time would be lovely.

I went to my primary school's Summer Fair with my mum today, which is also where she works. We didn't win much on the raffle this year, but we got a few cute bits and bobs. I also found the most lovely navy blue, leather personal and business planner from 1987 complete with all the paper and sections for just forty pence. It also still has the original price tag on, which would have costed £69.99 back then. We got home just in time for the England match. I guess you watched it too? It was rather disappointing, but I'm still so pissed off by the goal which was clearly in. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the atheletics that will be on in a bit. I just adore atheletics, I used to want to be an athelete, you know. When I was 12/13. I trained at Herne Hill Harriers (you may see some who are from the team today, just look out for stripy black and red vests!) twice a week and also went to the gym twice a week. I did this for two years, but I quit because it just got too much for me and I didn't think I could 'make it'. My events were the 1500m, 800m, and cross country. I also stepped in for long jump and 100m relay. I like to think I was rather good, very dedicated anyway. My best times for 1500m was 5:30, and my best for 800m was 2:30, which I am still very proud of. I'm extremely unfit now, though. It's just so, so bad. I really would like to get fit again, tone myself up. I haven't actually exercised in years, shame on me. Is there anything you used to do when you where younger which you wished you'd continued with? Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. I recently got a twitter account, you can follow me here. P.P.S. Another giveaway when I reach 200 followers? I think so!

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