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I was oh so nervous as I reached Rare's A/W blogger event; I was hot and bothered after getting lost, the wind had completely ruined my hair and my makeup had melted off. Basically I looked like a complete tramp, ha. But when I arrived I was welcomed by the lovely Almina (thank-you for inviting me) and her colleague, whose name I can't remember (sorry!) and they made me feel really at ease. For a while I mooched around taking pictures and looking through the rails of wonderful clothes by myself, then many lovely bloggers who I recognized slowly filed in by one by one. I met Jen (doesn't she look beautiful in the picture above?)  from The Style Crusader, Saskia from Not Just Medical, Abi from I Am Abimarvel, Daniella from Couture & Crumpets and the wonderful Jill from Polka Dot. I hope I haven't forgot to mention anybody. I put practically all of my confidence issues and worries aside and had an amazing time meeting new people, playing dressup and having lovely conversations. Anyway, about the dress. Isn't it gorgeous? I felt like such a ballerina in it! It's from the Rare Opulence collection and is definately one of my favourite pieces. Rare were also extremely kind with their gift bags, check out Platform Princess' post to see the dress we were all kindly given, I can't wait to wear mine! This was just a quick post, I shall post more on the event over the next few days. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Thank-you for all your lovely comments!

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