I have been lusting after pretty dresses and floral patterns for some time now, as the majority of my clothes are black, grey and white, so when the lovely Erika and Cat from Funk Rock emailed me last week asking if I would like to try some of the pieces from their two brands, Love Struck and Funk Rock, I just couldn't refuse. I'm so grateful, as I don't have that many clothes and because of my confidence issues I have a very limited style, but the pieces I have kindly been sent are just a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. Today I wore the Love Struck Issy dress in green, simply teaming it with a Primark belt (what do you think about they way I looped it at the front? I thought about cutting it as it's just so big, but I rather like it) and knee high socks. This dress is just so light, perfect for this horribly hot weather, and I adore the colourful ditzy floral pattern. The Issy dress comes in three vintage inspired designs, but this pattern is definately my favourite. So, are you enjoying this weather? I'm not personally, I'm just not a great summer dresser. I think Autumn is my season, to be honest, what's yours? Actually, I think I may do a poll on my side bar, so make sure you vote! I can't believe it's now Summer, this past year have gone so quickly. I remember this time last year so clearly, me and my mum watched Wimbledon solidly, as we were both bed bound by what she believes was swine flu, ha! Isn't the game between Mahut and Isner just crazy? Oh my, it's been going on forever! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Thank-you for all of your wonderful comments on my previous post regarding that horrible man, I'm feeling much better now. P.P.S Check out Jill's latest post 'stay cool' for another, yes another, picture of me in a Rare dress, hehe. EDIT: The match has just finished, it lasted an amazing eleven hours and five minutes. Fucking hell. They are both winners, wouldn't you agree?


  1. You are so incredibly lucky! and I do believe I have that belt :) I may try styling it like that too :D xxxxxxx

  2. The dress is verrry pretty and I had a look at Funk Rock's website, so affordable as well!

    I do like how you looped it, probably better than cutting it short!


  3. Sooo coool that you are reciving gifts!!:D You really deserve it cause you have a great sense of style.
    I'm more a summer persone, I hate cold season and that's why I'm enjoying hot weather. In here are like 20 degrees, an autumn weather...Awfull!

  4. dont cut the belt - love how you've looped it - - you'll have to post a 'how to' tutorial! ck :) x

  5. Really cute dress, and I love knee high socks, but I can't wear them because I don't have any shoes to pair with.
    I voted Autumn, but to tell the truth it's a tie between Summer and Autumn. I feel better in Summer, everything is so sunny and bright and I love going to the beach (we have wonderful beaches here). But I love Autumn clothes, there are more things that you can put on. The one I can't stand is Spring. I'm allergic and it's horrible.

  6. Beautiful dress, and the belt looks great like that (I have that one too).
    I love the summer weather, but clothes-wise I prefer Autumn, I like layering and scarves etc. And I have so many coats and jackets-I can't wear them in this weather!
    Oh and I agree, they both deserved to win!

    Lydia xxx

  7. You look lovely! I love what you have done with the belt, it's definitely a good idea. I also have lots of blacks and greys in my wardrobe but I'm trying to grow out of it.
    I'm really not sure which is my favourite weather type, I've never really thought about it. I'm not a big fan of showing a lot of skin so not so much Summer. Probably Spring or Autumn :) x

  8. Cute dress ! It's nice to have a little color sometimes :)
    I personally prefer fall weather!


  9. :) this dress is lovely, so simple but ao cute at the same time. i love your style, understated and quirky - your modesty shines through.

    I'm definitely an autumn lover, i love everything about it - the colours, the dark nights, the bonfire smell lingering in the air...the layers of clothes you need to keep warm.

    Having said that im most definitely enjoying the summer weather at the moment (despite silly hayfever), we've had far too much miserable weather this year - particuarly the snow.

    Mel xxx


  10. absolutly love the way you did that belt! it looks so awesome! the socks look very cool too!

  11. How amazing! What a gorgeous dress! Looks amazing on you! x

  12. I love how you wore the belt! Gorgeous outfit <3

  13. no need to my self conscience in this one, suits you loads, i'd day floral is your thing!

  14. I love the way you knotted the belt, does it stay done up though? I look CRAP in the summer, I just can't seem to look nice in the heat and end up wearing the most disgusting things in a desperate effort not to faint. I'm with you, I swear it's easier to get dressed in the autumn! At least your limbs are a lovely warm sunny colour, I can't even get my milky hams out because the glare causes car accidents.

  15. Those socks - wow! Sooooooo cute with that dress. A fabulous look on you. xx

  16. Lovely dress, I like the way you've looped the belt - very sweet.
    11 HOURS?? Wow, I heard about that, was it a tie then?
    I'm not much of a summer dresser either, I'm already shopping for my a/w wardrobe, tehe. Autumn is my favourite season! The season with fading warmth, scarlet sunsets looming, the leaves falling off the trees and crumpling beneath your feet, oooh I feel so nostalgic!

  17. That's a super cute dress, love the print!

  18. that dress looks utterly adorable!
    and I agree with autumn, it's just so much easier to get dressed
    loving yo r blog x

  19. That dress looks gorge on you.

    Super jealous at the bag win below too ;-)


  20. I love this dress on you - you look really, really lovely in florals!! Especially cute with the knotted brown belt.

    I'm definitely a spring or autumn girl. I don't like extreme temperatures, and prefer to be able to wear tights and blazers (like you I don't like showing my legs and like to layer for a more pulled-together look).

    Miss B xx


  21. I can think of nothing more perfect to wear in the summer than a frockful of flowers.

    You look incredibly beautiful.

    I prefer temperate climates and so my favourite seasons are those of spring and autumn - though my sisters forever tease that I am a 'Winter Girl'.

    It's a more than fitting moniker - heck, it's 30 degrees outside yet, like a moth to a flame, I keep wandering to Net-a-Porter to lust over winter coats... ;0)



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