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oh my, what a wonderful day

When I left my house this morning, everything felt ridiculously perfect; the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing just enough to cool me down but not enough to ruin my fringe, i felt confident and pretty, birds were singing and everybody looked happy. And then I tripped, hahahaha! But only the once, now that is pretty darn good in my book. My legs are just too long for their own good, they make me look so lanky and awkward. Anyway, me and my dear friend Mary decided to have a bit of an impromptu photoshoot after college, I thought the gate and wall would make a really lovely background. Here are my favourite photographs she took of me. You've seen all of these clothes before, but here is the list as usual: *Denim shirt, 50p *Lace vest, 50p *Floral skirt, £2, all charity shop. *Jaeger bag, free, competition win!

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