I wish I looked as pretty as I do in my photographs. I wish I was just pretty in general. I wish I didn't lack so much confidence and self esteem, and that it didn't ruin my everyday life. I wish I wasn't so negative about myself. I wish I could have my dream bedroom. I wish my mum could have her dream house. I wish I wasn't so messy. I wish I wasn't so antisocial. I wish that I do well in my future. I wish that one day I will own a little shop and tea room. I wish I had straight teeth. I wish that the world was a better place. What do you wish for? Love, Jazzabelle. Image from we heart it.


  1. i wish you didn't feel so bad about yourself, and that you could see how pretty and lovely you really are <3
    i wish i could give something back to all the people who really helped me when i was at a bad stage in my life.
    i wish too that i could stop feeling so self-concious about myself, be more confident and just be happy to be me.
    i wish i could have more motivation to get things done.
    i wish to have a good career, a fun social life, and a happy ever after with my gorgeous boyfriend

  2. I wish things would change, but I wish they'd never changed at all. I wish I could be a little girl again. I wish I had more self esteem too, and I wish I didn't care what people thought of me. I wish I could be happy with what I have and I wish I could motivate myself to actually do some revision. I wish I had good skin and I wish I was envied by people. I wish I could grow old with my boyfriend and I wish I could afford MAC make-up :)
    You are beautiful, I've never met anyone that loves what they look like or who they are 100%. so just enjoy yourself and take to heart all the lovely compliments you get from the people on blogger ♥

  3. I wish I was braver, I wish I had more focus, I wish I was 2 inches taller, I wish for some clarity of mind, I wish that stress wouldn't get the best of me, I wish I didn't care what other people think, I wish I could forgive myself for all the mistakes I've made, I wish I could break down the wall I've built so tall and let myself love and be loved back - but it's never that simple.
    You are so beautiful, and I'm not just saying that to be nice. I hope that all the parts of you that you find to be flaws you may one day realise that's what you love most about yourself. x

  4. i stopped caring about my appearance ages ago, did me a world of good! but i'm still a teenage girl so it gets me down too. i wish that people would say what they meant more often. good luck gorgeous girl!

  5. Aw girl, I'm sure you're just as gorgeous as your photos prove you to be! I really enjoy your blog, and your photos are always so cool. Thanks for commenting on my blog. That's actually our guest bedroom, and it freaks me out aha

  6. I wish I had confidence. I am so shy and withdrawn in real life situations it doesn't half get in the way of me living my life.
    One day I hope I will be braver and stronger :)

    & I know your little shop and tea room would be simply exquisite to visit x

  7. Aww Jazzabell my little peach :( I'm sorry to hear you feel all those things about yourself. It's difficult for shy people sometimes to fight through that barrier. That's probably a good reason to have a blog, because you can type without having those shy moments :)

    My wishe is rather fickle haha.. I wish for a designer hand-bag <3


  8. thank-you for all of your sweet and honest comments. and lauren, you are never going to believe it - i just won a designer bag and purse this morning! :) love, jazzabelle.

  9. Awh Jazzabelle <3 One day you will see realise how gorgeous you are !
    I wish;
    I was skinny
    I wasn't so tall
    I wasn't so loud
    I didn't blush so often!

    x x x


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