I had a lovely weekend, to be honest. My weekend consisted of Starbucks, Hyde Park, a family picnic, salmon sandwiches, fresh salad, baseball, the V&A, Grace Kelly, icecream, charity shops, Battersea car boot sale and apple pie. I hope you have also had a wonderful weekend, what have you all been up to? P.S. The reason why my skin looks rather perfect here is because of the direct sunlight and the 'cinemascope' effect I use on practically all of my photographs. I actually have real issues with my skin, let's just say my doctor recommended a cream to help my acne, but all it did was bleach my skin and completely fuck it up. Just my luck. P.P.S. I shall be doing my first blog sale every soon! Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. You are so stunning despite what you say. You've got your tongue pierced?! Did it hurt?!? Your weekend sounds lovely, mine just consisted of too-hot weather and constant internet surfing! Not that brilliant. I really need to enter your giveaway - There isn't long left and even if I didn't win, It sounds excellent fun just describing a dream bedroom! I cannot wait until your first ever blog sale! It's too exciting!
    Much much love,
    Izzy -

  2. thank-you izzy. i hope that one day i can be as pretty as you all make me feel!

    yes, it got it pierced in september '08, it only hurt a little bit, because as it was spur of the moment i didn't really have time to think about it. it hurt the second and third time i go it done, though! i took out my tongue piercing for literally half an hour and it closed up, so i had to go back to the shop the next day to get it redone. but they pierced it in the wrong place, so they had to do it again straight away. i cried, like a baby. haha!

    goodness, i have to agree, this weather just too hot! i feel rather bad for complaining, though, seeing as we are always moaning that it is too cold. yes, please do enter my giveaway, i love reading everybody's answers!

    love, jazzabelle. x

  3. what a lovely blog! Your photos are so nice and delicate!

  4. I cant wait until your first ever blog sale :)
    Your weekend sounds very like mine, and you look absolutely stunning in those and all the pictures on your blog!

  5. That is the best thing about this kind of weather = ICECREAM. :) So glad you had a nice day sweet cheeks

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. *sigh* i know the pains of bad skin and acne and doctors so much! that's rubbish about that cream, what cream was it? i used one called antinac (i think) once, it just dried my skin out really and stank. blergh. your skin does look great here though even if you say it isn't!

  7. thank-you for you comment, helen! :) the cream they gave me was called 'duac once daily gel'. it has really bleached and damaged my skin, and i wasn't warned that one of the side affects was that it would lighten my skin. it has also left my skin constantly dry as well. i try not to get so upset about it but i just can't help it. i wish my skin really did look like this, but it really doesn't. i seriously look so much better in my photos than i do in real life *sigh*.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx


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