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the beauty is fading

The rose is slowly wilting in my bedroom. It's quite sad, really. After I bought the rose on Monday, and posted about how I am experimenting with it for my final art piece, it make me think about the Enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast. It all links together; beauty, ugliness, juxtapostion, death, love...etc. I think I may have to watch it this weekend, Belle is definately my favourite Disney princess, who is yours? I like to think I am rather similar to her; I'm compassionate, I love to read, I care for those who are close to me, I'm a dreamer, I love to spend time alone and I really do go wild with my own imagination.

Talking about my artwork (which you can see a small bit of above, that's my mum and grandma in the picture, which was taken in about 1972!), it was all going so well and then I completely fucked one of the main parts by accident, I was nearly in tears in the middle of the classroom. It's sort of back on track, though. All thanks to my 3D teacher, Paul, who helped me an awful lot today and my friend Mary who managed to stop me from bursting into tears. I really do hope it looks okay when I'm finished. Nevertheless, I am very proud with what I have achieved. Even though I am not the best artist, I am passionate about what I do, and that is the most important thing to me. Yes, I'm wearing practically the same double denim outfit I wore here, except this time I teamed it with a stripy Gap top I bought from the car boot sale for fifty pence, an Oasis leather bag I found at a charity shop for a fiver and my leather Topshop boots. Oh, I also sported my new hair cut, which you can't really see here, but I'd say my mum cut about two inches off on Monday night. Sorry for the long post, It's not even that good! Love Jazzabelle. P.S. Blog sale soon, I promise.

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