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* Sheer grey blouse, car boot sale, 50p
* DIY skirt
* M&S bag, car boot sale, £4
* Polka dot tights, Primark, £2
* Grey socks, H&M, £3
We all like to dress up even when we aren't going anywhere, and for me, today is just one of those days, even though I should really be getting on with my college artwork (but let's not get into that otherwise I will probably burst into tears). I am obsessed with polka dot tights right now, so my mum bought me another pair from Primark for only £2, and surprisingly they are actually better quality than the New Look ones which cost double the amount! On my usual car boot sale trip on Sunday, I picked up this cute M&S Limited Collection bag for only four pounds, and when I looked on their website there are similar bags for around £25, so I think I got myself a bargain there! :) I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!

P.S. My mum bought me the denim jumpsuit!
P.P.S. She also bought me an Elvis Topshop t-shirt!
P.P.P.S. And some Henry Holland mock stock tights!


  1. I love this outfit Jazzabelle, and so cute stuff, your mom gave you, especially the tee!
    Wish I lived in London! ;)

    Love Samantha

  2. i have the same tights :) love them.
    i like the outfit too - very nice :)

  3. that is riduculous. that top is amazing. and for 50p... i repeat: that is ridiculous. I'm incredibly jealous. x

  4. You are absolutely adorable! Cant wait to see more! Amazing bag!

  5. That bag is AMAZING! SUCH a fab find. I have those tights too - mine keep laddering! Boo! x

  6. I adore your style! The grey blouse is just what i'm looking for at the moment.

    Check out my blog if you got time...


  7. This outfit is gorgeous too! I love your style :-)
    Car boots can be great for a bargain!


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