lovely day

What a lovely day it has been in London today! It has been surprisingly warm and sunny, let's hope it stays this way. I just can't stand the wind and rain, neither can my hair, ha. My hair is naturally curly, and as I straighten it practically every day even the slighest bit of moisture or breeze will completely fuck it up. I hope everyone else has had a great day!

*Knitted hat, New Look, £3
*Gold necklace, Paris, £6
*Lace top, charity shop, 50p
*Shorts and snake bracelet, from my mum's wardrobe
*Laura Ashley cardigan, car boot sale, 50p
*Polka dot tights, New Look, £3.20
*Lace-up boots (see below), Topshop, £60

I tried this gorgeous denim jumpsuit on in River Island and I totally love it, I'm just not sure if I should actually buy it. What do you all think? Is it worth £25? I mean there are so many different ways I could wear it, so I suppose it would be quite a good investment piece for the summer.

Sitting on the steps outside the Victoria and Albert Museum with one of my favourite drinks from Starbucks and my favourite sandwich from Pret, what could be better? For me, the V&A is the best museum in London, and I try to go there as often as possible, which is usually once or twice a week. The great thing is, is that even though I have been going there for god knows how many years, there are still so many parts of the museum I haven't explored before. Today I had a look around the British galleries, which was wonderful, and I was shocked to find how many William Morris pieces they had. I adore Morris' work so it was great to see some of his work up close.

On the way home I picked up a few pieces from the 50p rail at my local charity shop. The wooly Primark top is so cute, and the two Topshop dresses are just perfect for the nautical theme which comes round every Summer.


  1. I'm still stunned that a charity shop carries topshop! Clearly this is a London thing. Damn my rural county... LOVE your blog btw. x

  2. I think the jumpsuit is very nice!
    and i love your hat to by the way :)


  3. Seriously thought I was the only person with the 'curly-hair-straightned-in-the-wind-and-rain'-problem! This always happens to me. :)
    You are really good at taking pictures, especially love the one with your shoes, which are SO DAMN AMAZING - I'm in love with them!
    + I adore the black Lace Top (only 5p ???), also the blue and red dresses!
    So glad I found your blog ;)

    Love Samantha


  4. *claire - thank-you so much! :) maybe it is a london thing, whereabouts do you live? the three charity shops near me are surprisingly cheap, i guess i'm just lucky. the majority of charity shops in london have such bad pricing, though. i am constantly seeing old primark shirts selling for more than the original price!

    *malle - thank-you! my mum said she is giving me £50 to spend on clothes, so i may have to buy it! :)

    *samantha - oh no, i get it really bad :/ i really do hate my hair, i wish it was straight, or slightly wavy. thank-you, so are you, lovely :) yes, the black lace top was only 50pence, what a bargain!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  5. Oh, please buy the jumpsuit! It's so gorgeous on you and you'd wear it so many ways! I actually might have to go try it on myself. :) x

  6. Me too - life would be so much easier with straight hair ;)

  7. I think you should get the jumpsuit - it looks great on you!

  8. Verry cute outfits. Especially the denim jumpsuit!

    + i got your topshop dresses in the navy :)

    Julie @ http://yourstalkerslittlesister.blogspot.com/ xxx

  9. darling, your style is gorgeous, amazing even[=
    I quite love the jumpsuit & it suits your petite figure perfectly [=
    Your blog is lovely, well done Sweetpea [=

  10. You are so gorgeous and have the cutest sense of style! Very vintage but modern at the same time, i love it!! Keep posting please! :D

  11. omgg I love all of this especially the jumpsuit :) And I love your CAMERA!! hahah and you got perfect body too dang.. good for you.

    visit mine??


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