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I picked up this lovely jewellery box at my local charity shop yesterday, it was only £2.50! Which was quite a bargain, really, as this particular charity shop is usually rather expensive. I mean, they sell old primark clothes for more then they are to buy brand new, which is rather ridiculous. I assume the reason why they sold it so cheap was due to all of the damage, but that is the reason why i adore this box, which i have already filled up with my brooches, buttons, and a lovely pair of lace gloves my grandma gave me.

I should be at college right now, but I'm feeling pretty ill so i'm taking the day off. I think the sicky feeling in my stomach is because i'm nervous, though. I have a college interview tomorrow morning, at the college where i'm currently studying a two year National Diploma in Art & Design, so I can hopefully carry on and do a one year Foundation art course, as I do not want to go university. I really do hope I get accepted, though I don't think I will (that's pessimism for you!). Wish me luck, I really do need it! Have any of you been going to interviews recently?

Oh, and I know I haven't done an outfit post in a while, but I will definitely do one over the weekend, it's going to be around 22 degrees in London, cor blimey!

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