Gap striped shirt, 50p. Skinny jeans, I haven't got a clue. I have had these skinny jeans for so many years that they aren't actually black anymore, they are more of a disgusting grey colour. I haven't worn these out in about two years though, i just think i look stupid in them because i am so lanky and have skinny legs, blah blah blah. The last two years have consisted of me wearing anything but jeans or trousers, I am still looking for the perfect pair. But apprently I look nice in these, so I may just have to wear them out and look a tad awkward and lanky in them. Oh, and I need a hair cut, my split ends are DISGUSTING!


  1. another gorgeous outfit. :)
    im so jealous of your fashion sense :P

  2. i love love love that shirt! and those ripped jeans. i think im going to buy myself some soon.
    girl, i need my ends clipped too!

    kiss. kiss.


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