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dry your eyes, sunday girl

* Elvis shirt, Topshop, £20
* Blondie necklace, Asos, £1
* Pearl necklace, charity shop, £1

My mum and I went on our usual sunday afternoon trip to the local car boot sale, which was lovely as always. I picked up two doilies for 50p (I'm starting to build up quite a collection!), a cute brooch for 50p, plus an old biscuit tin, a floral H&M waistcoat and an old frame all for £1 each. I'm back to college tomorrow, so I may not be able to post as regularly as I have been doing, though I will try my best! Hopefully I can get back on track with my artwork, as over the holidays I lost the inspiration and the drive to complete my work. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day, hasn't the weather just been gorgeous?

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