dry your eyes, sunday girl

* Elvis shirt, Topshop, £20
* Blondie necklace, Asos, £1
* Pearl necklace, charity shop, £1

My mum and I went on our usual sunday afternoon trip to the local car boot sale, which was lovely as always. I picked up two doilies for 50p (I'm starting to build up quite a collection!), a cute brooch for 50p, plus an old biscuit tin, a floral H&M waistcoat and an old frame all for £1 each. I'm back to college tomorrow, so I may not be able to post as regularly as I have been doing, though I will try my best! Hopefully I can get back on track with my artwork, as over the holidays I lost the inspiration and the drive to complete my work. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day, hasn't the weather just been gorgeous?


  1. i'm loving how the bootsale season is upon us!
    It's been such beautiful weather for it. Love the brooch, so cute and little!
    Rianna xxxxx

  2. yes me too! though my local car boot sale is open all year round, which is just wonderful. love, jazzabelle. x

  3. The bicycle brooch is beyond wonderful. I adore it so very, very much!

    I love doilies too - they're so sweet and vintagey. I have one on my dressing table and it just looks so girlie!

  4. I love the biscuit tin.

  5. I love what youre wearing. you look so unique! I love the tin, too. So nice! I am your new follower! I would be very happy if come over by my blog sometimes, too.


  6. I've just stumbled accross your blog, and have been devling into your archive!
    Such lovely posts. I am a total car boot/charity freak, sometimes it's the thrill of finding something just so unique.

    I like the brooch here, and a steal at 50p! :)


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