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*Lace top, charity shop, 50p
*Polka dot tights, New Look, £3.20
*Lace-up boots, Topshop, £60
Me and my Grandma finally went to an exhibition we have been meaning to go for a while, ''The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters'' at the Royal Academy. We queued for an hour and a half, and we looked around for about forty minutes. It was a lovely exhibition, but obviously vair busy. The exhibition features letters Van Gogh wrote, mainly to his brother Theo, and also a number of his paintings and sketches. My favourite pieces of his work were in the last part of the exhibition, titled 'The Late Landscapes'' as the paintings where very rich in colour, and the way Van Gogh thickly applied the paint with swirling brushstrokes was just amazing to see firsthand.
Anyway, let's talk about the clothes! I went to my local charity shops earlier, and along with the 50p lace top I also picked up a cropped knitted grey vest for 50p, a pale denim shirt for 50p and a H&M polka dot dress for £4. I also couldn't resist buying a pair of polka dot tights from New Look, and I was actually rather surprised to find out that they suited me. I''m the type of girl who wears black tights all year round as I hate my legs, so it's great to have a change.

Yawn, I am oh so tired, and I better be getting on with my college artwork!


  1. What fantastic photos and your day out sounded amazing! How can you hate your legs..they're fab!!
    PS Yep, the bed is secondhand, like almost everything I own!!!

  2. thank-you! yes it was, i am extremely tired now though. i don't mind the size of my legs, it's just everything else, if that makes sense. ha. and goodness me, no matter what the price of that bed was, it was worth it!

    love, jazzabelle.

  3. I agreee with Vintage Vixen! you have great legs!
    Do you take these pictures yourself? they're beautiful, and i love your fashion sense!
    I'm thinking about buying my own camera and tripod and taking my own pictures...when other people take them, they never come out the way i want them.

  4. thank-you! yes, i do. well the majority of them anyway. you see the pictures of me in my plum dress? well my mum took the bottom two, but i just edited them as i looked rather awful, ha. i don't actually own a tripod, so in these pictures i made a tower out of books on my beside table and carefully balanced my camera on top, haha. i really ought to get one, it would be so much easier, and safer!

  5. Gorgeous, you have such long legs!
    The bootsale i go to is actually in Cheltenham, Glos. Its not all that big but I find quite a lot of good stuff there!

  6. why thank-you. woah, nowhere near me, then! no wonder why you get such lovely clothes so cheap, london is so overpriced. the charity shop where i bought the zara plum dress has the most ridic pricing. they sell primark tops more expensive then they are brand new! so i was rather surprised to find that dress in there.

    thank-you for commenting, all of you, it means a lot.

    love, jazzabelle

  7. I love the tights, I love the dress/top, I love the boots and I definately love the pictures.
    Your blog is fantastic :)

    - http://samanthamercano.blogspot.com/

  8. Love your finds,
    check my blog out:
    love to know what you think!

  9. great photos and you have a lovely figure! =D

  10. You have gorgeous legs :)

    Thanks for the sweet comments love... This is a cute blog!

    Ashley x

  11. Looking at your photos is going to make me jealous because you've got AMAZING legs!! But I must follow you because I adore your blog and outfits :)

  12. woah i love love love your blog! it's become a daily read for me :)
    where do you charity shop though, mine arent that good near me!
    your reallly pretty and one of the most fashionable bloggers i know! keep up the wonderful posts :D

  13. Your legs are to die for




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